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Nifty for tomorrow

Nifty Future can move down tomorrow, its continue with bearish trend . Nifty range may be 5542 to 5411 and it follow last three trading days. Nifty future manage level of 5411 and if sustain this level it can move down for next session. for Nifty Future is at 5400/5350 and it has resistance at 5542/5622 levels.
Resistance - It may be 5542 to 5622
Support - It may be 5400 to 5350

Bank Nifty Tomorrow

Bank Nifty closed to its day low. If it sustain below 103385 then it fall down. go for higher level selling tomorrow. Support for Bank Nifty future is at 10385/10300 and it has resistance at 10640/10722 levels
Resistance - It may be 10640 to 10722
Support - It may be 10385 to 10300

Option Call/Put Strategy for Tomorrow

On the call options front we can see that accumulation of open interest is seen in the band of 5500-5700 strikes.
On the put options front we have seen addition of open interest at strike price of 5400, 5300 and lower strikes.
In Feb. Series addition of open interest on the calls front is existent at strike price of 5500-5800 band indicating it as resistance on the upside whereas on the put options front we can see highest accumulation of open interest at strike price of 5400 indicating it as an immediate support on the downside.

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