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NSE will start Short Selling in near Future

The National Stock Exchange (NSE), plans to offer a new system for short sales within the next few weeks.

Short selling shares is selling without having them, is possible only in the derivatives segment. NSE plans to allow investors to borrow shares and then sell them in the cash market through the securities lending. This mechanism was introduced some time ago, but has not picked up. NSE will now introduce a revised mechanism to facilitate short selling.

Stcok futures and option trend

The 5,000- and 5,100-strike calls saw open interest build-up and profit-booking in 5,200- and 5,300-strike calls, indicating fresh weakness. The participants unwound 5,200 and 5,300 put optionsas they expected the market might face strong resistance above 5,200. There was significant build-up of open interest in the 4,900 put (open interest up three million shares) and the 4,800 put (open interest up 1.12 million shares) through buy trades this is simply indicating hedging of long positions.

Among stock futures, the futures closed above the upper band of value areas on strong volume. The volume and price movement around time-price opportunity areas indicate the stock has the potential to go near Rs 607. Infosys Technologies and Bharti Airtel are expected to rise on buying support. Tata Steel, Tata Motors and Reliance Industries closed in a Doji pattern, indicating indecisiveness at current levels.

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Stock Futures

The Nifty stock future prices ended in the red terrain along with an overall addition of open interest and
increase in the cost of carry, this is an indication that some long stock going to be lower .
The Nifty closed at 4806.75. Nifty future (May.) closed at 4809.35.

Stock Options

On the call options front addition of open interest in June is seen at strike price of 4900 and 5100.
On the put options front we have seen addition of open interest at strike price of 4700 and lower strikes.

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According to our technical analysis ACC LTD trend is bearish. No hope recently to go upper after 12 april ACC making low trend and that is continue till now. This is our recommendation in Stock Futures ACC should try to short that will give profit in next weeks.


CIPLA LTD also performing bearish trend from last 20 days it going to down, according to our analysis it will make more bearish trend. In Stock Futures it is good to go for short sell. It will defiantly give profit.

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The market edge higher tracking gains in Asian shares. Trading in S&P CNX Nifty index futures on the Singapore stock exchange indicated that the Nifty could gain 37.50 points at the opening bell. However, volatility cannot be ruled out as traders roll over positions in the derivatives segment from May 2010 series to June 2010 series ahead of the expiry of the near-month May 2010 contracts on Thursday, 27 May 2010. In Stock Futures and Option, market may be uncertain according to present condition so there is a suggestion for everyone don't go for big investment in F&O.

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Last week the Nifty index plunged more than 3% and ended at 4931.15. The Nifty futures ended at discount of 2.75 points vs. 9.85 points last week. For the coming week if Nifty continues to manage above its 4850 levels then the pull back in it may continue. Immediate Resistance for Nifty is seen at 4965 mark, above which the rally may continue up to 5030/5065 levels. The levels of 5115 would act as stiff resistance on the upside. On the downside, strong support is seen in the range of 4850-4780, if this range is broken then only we will witness fresh round of selling in which case the next support is at 4675 Mark.

Maximum addition of open interest on call options continues to exist at 5200strike indicating it as a strong hurdle on the upside whereas on the put options front you can see maximum addition of open interest at strike price of 4800 indicating it as a good support on downside.

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After a weak opening today market made substantial recovery towards the last 30 odd minutes and closed with smooth losses. Sensex shut down at 16450, down 74 points and Nifty at 4931.15, down 16 points from the previous close, this shows little hope for tomorrow.

ITC announced that it cover 27% growth with net profit to Rs 1,028.2 crore in the quarter ended March 31, 2010. Shares of ITC were up by 2.24 % and were quoting at Rs. 268.45 in the late afternoon trade on the BSE. Due to its Financial result ITC Made good position in market.

Good news for traders, from the deal of 3G-spectrum Both Reliance Communication and Bharti Airtel would make good position in market If this deal go well then both companies share will go high that can be in certain position. Condition Shows that it will good for Stock Futures and Option, but it will perform a opposite reaction for VodaPhone. In present market condition Bharti is the top most runner for 3G-spectrum. Get All Nifty recommendation Stock Futures and Option, Suggestion and specialist views.

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The Stock Nifty closed at 4919.65. Nifty Stock future May closed at 4922.80 means at a premium of 3.25 points vs. discount of 2.80 points and added 511800 shares in open interest.The Nifty future June closed at 4918.70 mans a discount of 0.95 points vs. 4.35 points and added 1472855
shares in open interest.

On the other hand in Stock call options front addition of open interest in May Series is seen at strike price of 4900 and 5000 On the Stock put options front we have seen addition of open interest at strike price of 4810 and 4700.

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Market Trend

BSE Sensex closed at 16875.75, with upward 40.20 points made 0.24 per cent. The index touched a high of 17000.30 and low of 16744.15 in today’s trade.

Nifty ended at 5066.22 up 6.6 points and make 0.12 per cent. Today the index touched intraday high of 5105.20 and low of 5024.22.

The Nifty Stock future (June) closed at 5059.25 i.e. at a discount of 0.60 points vs. 3.10 points and added 360900 shares
in open interest.

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National Stock Exchange’s Nifty closed at 5179.25, up 22.60 points or 0.44 per cent. The broader 50-share index index touched intra-day high of 5212.70 and low of 5147.95. In current futures scenario Stock market go up no changes to go down but with some stress.

Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex ended at 17270.66, up 74.85 points or 0.44 per cent. The 30-share index touched a high of 17389.15 and low of 17240.35 in today’s trade.

Strike price in Stock Option 4900 indicating it as a very strong support on the downside whereas on

the call options front I have seen maximum addition of open interest at strike price of 5200-5300 this indicating it
as a Resistance zone on the upside.
So Stock Futures and Option both will give you profit but with very carefully way Specially in Stock Option.

In top gainers(Nifty) Tata Motors (3.51%), DLF(3.10%), Reliance Infrastructure (3.01%) and Unitech (2.58%) were. And loser were Tata Steel (-1.60%), Wipro (-1.12%), Bharti Airtel (-1.09%), Reliance Industries (-1.03%) and Hindalco (-0.82%).

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Last week the Nifty Index plunged on the Greece concerns and ended lower at 5018.05 Mark losing -4.92%.This is an indication of some longs building at lower levels. For the coming week Nifty will continue to face Resistance at its 5080 Mark, a maintenance above this mark can continue some pull back in it and in that case it can the next crucial Resistance would be 5165/5200 levels which would be tough to be sustained whereas on the downside Strong Support is seen in the vicinity of 4892/4846 levels. In Stock Futures Nifty would be Slow down, and Stock Option also follow it.

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Investors with short-term perspective can consider buying the stock of Escorts. From its late 2008 low of around Rs 31, the stock has been on a long-term uptrend forming higher peaks and higher troughs. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani in a long-running dispute with his brother Anil over the country's largest gas find, effectively giving the government control to set gas prices.

Market cap of Reliance Power fell to Rs 33,579 crore (Rs 335.79 billion) at the end of trade on Friday from Rs 36,886.75 crore (Rs 368.867 billion) on Thursday. This news Definitely effect on Reliance stocks, In Future Mukesh can grab some profit, while Anil face some down stream.

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Present market scenario

The BSE Sensex (BSE- 17087.96 -49.18) fell below 17,000 points for the first time in two months early on Wednesday, shedding more than 1 per cent as world stocks dropped on concerns Greece's debt crisis could spread elsewhere. And Nifty Closed at 5124.90 (-23.60) on Wednesday.

However, in last half hour of trade, it made some smart recovery and ended with modest losses. Sensex shut shop at 17087, down 49 points and Nifty at 5124, down 23 points from the previous close.

Good NEWS in Stock Option

Stock market regulator Securities & Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has widened the scope of index-based options by allowing exchanges to offer option contracts based on Sensex and Nifty with a tenure of up to five years. In January, 2008, Sebi had extended the period to three years.

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Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. Was the topmost Stock today, It made Highest range in Stock Exchange. Is was open at 120 and Closed at 131.90 with +9.24 fluctuation. Apart from Everest Tulip ltd, Reliance Natyral Gas, UCO bank Was also Today Market makers.

In losers Top 3 Stocks was Central Bank, Sesa Goa, ABB ltd.

The market opened weak and stayed that way till the end, tracking global cues.
The Sensex ended at 17,388.92 with a loss of 169.80 points or 0.97%.
The Nifty closed at 5225.55, with cut down 52.45 points or 0.99%.

Today Market was open against the all positive Hope, and after middle time Its trend was more negative because Of Foreign investor.

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