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The Sensex closed at 19122, up 31 points from its previous close, and Nifty shut shop at 5741, up 12 points.

Nifty F&O Report
Nifty April 2011 futures closed at 5,760.10, at a premium of 19.35 over spot closing of 5,740.75, while Nifty May 2011 futures were at 5,782.50 at a premium of 41.75 points over spot closing.

For Nifty calls, 5,800 strike price (SP) from the April series was the most active call with an addition of 0.11 mn or 1.57%. Among Nifty puts, 5700 SP from the April month expiry was the most active put with a contraction of 0.44 mn or 5.82%. The maximum Call OI outstanding was at 5800 SP (7.33) and that for Puts at 5800 SP (8.04).

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